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About this site

This website is a place of healing and also a space where I can share my inspirational experiences. I like to help others in the best way I can through my inspirational speaking engagements, my book, and my music. There is a lot to see and read, from my weekly Blog  to my upcoming events and new creations . Make sure to check out my pictures too.

As you'll read on this site my journey in the last 10 years has been more than challenging. I've been constantly shifting and growing. I am turning 50 year and boy, what a ride!  Keep checking back as I will be changing things up on a regular basis.

Start where you are.

About Me

Carmen Tarleton author of Overcome:Burned, Blinded, and Blessed

Overcome: Burned, Blinded, and Blessed

Bronze medal winner of the 2013 Independent Publisher Book Awards in the Inspirational/Spiritual category!

On June 10, 2007, Carmen Blandin Tarleton’s estranged husband broke into her rural Vermont home, beat her with a baseball bat, and doused her with industrial-strength lye. Doctors called it “THE MOST HORRIFIC INJURY A HUMAN BEING COULD SUFFER.

Carmen playing her music

The Whisper

I started playing piano while waiting for my face transplant. Without conscious intention, I also started writing my own inspiration music. In the last 4 years, I have written 13 songs.  “The Whisper”, can be purchased on iTunes. I find this melody to be sweet, loving and powerful.  I play it often.  Here is  a link to purchase the track.

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Carmen Tarleton

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